ScicomP 2014

The 20th Annual Meeting of ScicomP, the IBM HPC Systems Scientific Computing User Group in conjunction with The Blue Gene Consortium

May 27th – 30th, 2014

Chicago, IL

Hosted by ALCF / Argonne Leadership Computing Facility

The IBM HPC Systems Scientific Computing User Group, ScicomP, is an open-membership Working Group of SPXXL. It is a user-supported not-for-profit international organization of scientific/technical users of large IBM systems. ScicomP brings together computational scientists and engineers interested in achieving maximum performance and scalability on all IBM HPC platforms, including Blue Gene and POWER architectures.

Scientists, engineers, and IBM staff will gather in Chicago to share real-world experiences porting, tuning, and running codes on IBM supercomputers. ScicomP invites participation from anyone who uses or supports large IBM systems for performing scientific calcuations.


ScicomP 2014 will take place in conjunction with the Blue Gene Consortium and as part of the Summer 2014 Meeting of SPXXL. SPXXL members please check the SPXXL web site for additional information.