Abstracts submitted for ScicomP 2013 presentations must follow these guidelines:

  • Submission is via e-mail to scicomp2013-submissions at
  • The body of the e-mail should list title and authors with contact e-mail address for each.  These e-mail addresses will only be used for administrative purposes and will not be put in the agenda.
  • Abstract must be a plain text attachment and no longer than 1 page (3600 characters maximum).  This file must include: title and authors (including affiliation for each).  Please indicate presenting author(s).
  • Optionally, in addition to the plain text abstract, you may attach an extended abstract in pdf form (no other formats please).  If your presentation is accepted, the extended abstract will be included in the program as well.  Note: only the plain text abstract will be evaluated.

Thank you for your interest in ScicomP, and see you in Lugano!

Link to call for abstracts