Submitted User Talks


Large-Eddy-Simulations of Turbulent Thermonuclear Flames: The Key to Understand Stellar Explosions by Wolfgang Hillebrandt (MPI Astro Physics)

Application Performance

Application Based Performance Characterization of a Dual-Core IBM Power5+ Computing System by Subhash Saini (NASA Ames)

Solving a Blueice Performance Mystery by Wei Huang (NCAR)

Investigation of a set of real applications using Power5 hardware counters by Mark Bull (EPCC)

Performance and Optimization of LQCD Codes on BlueGene and Cell by Stefan Krieg (FZJ)

Performance and Debugging

Debugger Usage At NERSC by Katerina Antypas (NERSC)

Mixed Mode Programming on HPCx by Michal Piotrowski (EPCC)

Application and System Memory Use, Configuration, and Problems on Bassi by Richard Gerber (NERSC)

MPI-IO and MPI-2 One-Sided Communication by Tom Logan (ARSC)

Parallel I/O and File Systems

Parallel IO Library Benchmarking on GPFS by Katerina Antypas (NERSC)

DEISA - on the way towards an integrated European HPC ecosystem by Hermann Lederer (RZG)

High Performance Global File Systems: Easy Data Management in Supercomputer Grids by Andreas Schott (RZG)

BlueGene and Petascale Computing

The Blue Gene/L System at NCAR A Catalyst for Petascale Science by Henry Tufo (NCAR)

High Performance Computing at EDF Research on IBM Blue Gene by Pascal Vezolle (IBM France)

Towards Petascale Computing in Support of ITER by Hermann Lederer (RZG)

Application Performance II

First Experiences with Porting a Multigrid Solver to the CBEA by Matthias Bolten (FZJ)

Streaming Astronomical Signal Processing on Next Generation HPC Hardware by Chris Broekema (ASTRON)

A New Concept for Efficiently Parallelizing Particle-in cell (PIC) Codes in Plasma Physics by Roman Hatzky (RZG)

The Modular Earth Submodel System (MESSy): Atmospheric Chemistry in Earth System Models by Patrick Jöckel (MPI Chemistry)

System Monitoring

Monitoring Infrastructure for Superclusters: Experiences at MareNostrum by Ernest Artiaga (BSC)

Monitoring SuperClusters: Pitfalls and Practical Methodologies by Joshi Fullop (NCSA)

New features of the batch system monitoring tool LLview by Wolfgang Frings (FZJ)