IBM Talks

Tutorial Optimizing Applications for Performance on POWER

Introduction by Martin Feyereisen

Hardware and Software Overview by Martin Feyereisen

Application Optimization using Parallelism by Martin Feyereisen

Application Optimization by Martin Feyereisen

Performance Programming with IBM pSeries Compilers and Libraries by Roch Archambault

The IBM High Performance Computing Toolkit by I-Hsin Chung


Harnessing Massive Parallelism in the Era of Parallelism for the Masses by David Klepacki

Advances and Updates

Advanced Computing Technology Center Update by I-Hsin ChungN

Cell Broadband Engine™ Update by Michael Hennecke

IBM System p Compiler Roadmap by Roch Archambault

GPFS Update by Kalyan Gunda

Hardware + Software Roadmap: HPC Development by Piyush Chaudhary

IBM HPC Development MPI update by Chulho Kim

X10: The Big Picture by Vijay Saraswat

BlueGene P by ?