ScicomP12 ~ SP-XXL
July 17-21, 2006


Abstract Submission

Abstract submission: *CLOSED*

Scientific users of large-scale IBM systems are encouraged to propose presentations of recent results on topics such as:

  • performance analysis and optimization of scientific codes for large SP and Linux cluster systems
  • programming tools and techniques for scientific applications
  • scalable parallel numerical algorithms
  • programming systems with mixed SMP and distributed memory modes
  • other techniques and performance results for science and engineering applications
  • issues in migrating codes from other systems to IBM
  • experiences of HPC centers with large SP and Linux cluster systems

Interested users should submit abstracts of 500 words or less. Notification of acceptance will be made by May 10, 2006.

Accepted presentations should be made available in PowerPoint or some other electronic presentation format (PDF, HTML, etc.) no later than the time of the meeting. These presentation files will be made available on the ScicomP web site after the meeting.

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