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Welcome to ScicomP11 and SP-XXL
ScicomP: May 31 to June 3, 2005
SP-XXL: May 30 to June 3, 2005

Presentations from the meeting are now available through the Program page

Hosted by
EPCC, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

This was a co-located meeting:- ScicomP and SP-XXL ran parallel, but separate, programs.

This was the eleventh annual meeting of ScicomP

the IBM Scientific System User Group

And the summer meeting of SP-XXL


About ScicomP

ScicomP meetings target computational scientists and engineers interested in achieving maximum performance and scalability on all of IBM's HPC platforms. This meeting will span the new and exciting range of IBM technologies including POWER architecture, Federation switch, BlueGene/L, and beyond. Presentations will be a balance of HPC users and the IBM R&D staff that produce and maintain them. User presentations focus on real world experiences in porting, maintaining, and running codes on large scale IBM systems. Issues may include (but are not limited to) code migration, scalable algorithms, hybrid programming models, exploiting system architectures, and scheduling and execution frameworks. IBM staff presentations include hardware and software roadmaps for large systems; application development support software tools; performance programming, measurement, analysis, and tuning techniques.

About SP-XXL

Edinburgh will also host the SP-XXL (http://www.spxxl.org) as a co-located meeting. The SP-XXL is a membership-based organization with systems-oriented interests in large-scale scientific technical computing on IBM hardware. Members of SP-XXL work together to increase the capabilities of these machines and to provide guidance to IBM on essential development and support issues. Topics important to achieving terascale scientific/technical computing on scalable parallel machines will be discussed in technical sessions open to participants from SP-XXL member sites. Some of the areas covered by SP-XXL will be: Applications, Code Development Tools, Communications, Networking, Support, Parallel I/O, Resource Management, System Administration, and Training. For SP-XXL membership information, please see their website.

About EPCC and Edinburgh

Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre is an institute within the University of Edinburgh, and has been active in HPC and parallel computing for 15 years. Over this time, EPCC has hosted a wide variety of local and national HPC machines, providing leading-edge supercomputing facilities for academia and industry. It currently supports HPCx, a 1600-CPU IBM p690+ system that forms the UK national supercomputer service. EPCC recently installed BlueSky, a 2048-CPU IBM BlueGene machine, which is the first BlueGene system in Europe.

Edinburgh is Scotland's capital city and a World Heritage Site, and is the most popular tourist destination in the UK outside of London. As well as having famous landmarks like Edinburgh Castle, it is ideally situated for visiting the rest of Scotland including the town of Saint Andrews (famous for its golf courses) and the picturesque Highlands and Islands.


Offical ScicomP and SP-XXL Poster

email: Webmaster-ScicomP@epcc.ed.ac.uk
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