AUSTIN, Texas - The tenth meeting of the IBM System Scientific Computing
User Group (ScicomP) will be held Aug. 9-13, 2004, in Austin, Texas. 
ScicomP10 is being held in conjunction with the summer meeting of SP-XXL,
a similar group with systems-oriented interests in large-scale scientific
technical computing on IBM hardware. The combined meetings are being hosted
by the Texas Advanced Computing Center of The University of Texas at Austin.
        The ScicomP meeting series allows computational scientists
and engineers to learn about tools and techniques for developing
applications that achieve maximum performance and scalability on all IBM HPC
systems. Technical presentations will highlight recent results and
advanced techniques, and will provide the kind of information,
expertise, and experience that scientific and technical applications
developers need but cannot easily find elsewhere, according to meeting
        The early registration deadline is Monday, July 23, and
information can be found at:

Students may register at reduced rates for both the technical sessions and the
        Proposals for user and vendor presentations are being
solicited now and abstracts for proposed user presentations can be
submitted via the web form at
http://www.spscicomp.org/ScicomP10/userpres.html. The deadline for
submissions is Monday, July 16.

     "The tenth meeting of the IBM Scientific Computing User Group
promises to be one of the most informative ever. We expect particularly
strong presentations on the latest developments in IBM processor
architectures and in system software, given that the home of the POWER 
design and AIX development teams are just five minutes away," said 
Bronis R. de Supinski, current ScicomP president.  He added, "I am
particularly looking forward to the keynotes. Jay Boisseau, the first
ScicomP president and currently TACC Director, has promised some technical 
challenges in addition to a general description of TACC's activities. 
Also, Peg Williams from IBM will provide us with a broad overview of 
IBM's HPC software plans."

        The ScicomP 10 sessions will feature presentations from IBM
research and development staff, on topics that will include hardware
and software roadmaps for large systems, including that of the recent
release of the POWER5 chip and the high-performance Federation switch;
application development support software tools; performance
programming, measurement, analysis, and tuning techniques. The meeting
will also feature user presentations focusing on real-world
experiences in porting, maintaining and running codes on large-scale
systems. Topics will include code migration, scalable algorithms,
hybrid programming models, exploiting system architectures, and
scheduling and execution frameworks. Additionally, a day of tutorials
will be presented by IBM staff and others.
        SP-XXL will also hold technical sessions at this meeting open
to participants from SP-XXL member sites.
        "These are very exciting times in high performance computing.
and our second meeting co-located with ScicomP promises to capture many
timely topics," said Nicholas P. Cardo, current SP-XXL President and member
of the Computational Systems Group at NERSC. "All attendees will
benefit from the information presented in the combined sessions,
particularly with the release of the new IBM POWER5 processor. SP-XXL
members will have the opportunity to attend valuable ScicomP tutorials
and participate in topics not typically discussed in SP-XXL meetings."
        More information on this meeting can be found on the ScicomP
10 web pages at http://www.spscicomp.org/ScicomP10/. The agenda will
be updated as it develops. For questions regarding technical
presentations, contact Bronis de Supinski at bronis@llnl.gov. For
questions on registration, contact David Skinner at dskinner@nersc.gov.
For questions on local accommodations contact Avi Purkayastha at
        In addition to support from The University of Texas at Austin,
sponsorship for this meeting is being provided by IBM Corp.